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10 Best forex prop trading firms

Find 10 best forex prop trading firms of 2021 below!

With so many new forex prop firms coming into the industry and funding traders all around the world, it’s becoming increasingly harder to choose which firm to get your funded accounts from. When choosing your funded account there are so many factors to think about, from your trading system to drawdown, to leverage, to trading requirements and general reputation of the prop firm.

ForexProp Reviews compiled a very simple but in-depth comparison of the worlds leading forex funding options.

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FTMO is the worlds leading prop firm and has really taken the industry by storm over the last few months with the famous $200,000 account challenge. FTMO have the best reputation in the industry, great support for traders, an 80%-90% profit share, a range of top brokers to choose from, simple trading rules and funding up to $400,000 for top traders! I have personally been using FTMO since 2018 and I have nothing but positive things to say about the firm. 

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My Forex Funds

My Forex Funds is a new prop firm founded in 2020, offering traders up to $50,000 in instant funding with no challenge needed! If you fancy taking on a performance challenge, you can obtain up to $200,000 of initial funding and a profit split of up to 85% with no maximum daily drawdown limit! They have an account type for beginner traders, experienced traders and professional traders, making sure every type of forex trader is catered for!

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DT4X Trader

DT4X is a U.K based prop firm offering instant funding of up to $50,000 and a profit share of 60%. You will have monthly payouts and a 10% milestone scaling program which will enable you to be trading with $1,240,000 after just 60% profits. There is no challenge to pass, just instant funding with a 5% maximum loss, 5% profit target and 10% milestone target. 

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Lux Trading Firm

Lux Trading Firm are a highly rated prop firm offering initial funding of up to $150,000 with a 65% profit split. As well as the initial funding, there is no time limit on hitting profit targets, weekend holding is allowed and they offer an amazing scaling program up to $2.5M, making it a perfect funding option for swing traders. 

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The5ers are one of the most highly respected prop firms in the world, and it’s for good reason. They have an amazing reputation, a 50% profit share, funding up to $1,280,000 and they double your account funding every milestone. The5ers have really realistic trading requirements, with 180 days to pass the initial challenge! Due to the long time duration and being able to hold trades over the weekend, this is the PERFECT choice for swing traders and day traders looking for funding.

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Surge Trader 

The SurgeTrader project was born from the experience of seasoned Forex traders, brokers and venture capitalists who know that sometimes all a talented trader needs to succeed is capital and opportunity. And this became our mission: Accelerate trader funding. Help profitable traders capitalize on their success.


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City Traders Imperium

CTI are a London based prop firm offering up to $2,000,000 in funding with one of the fastest scaling plans! You have access to a 50% profit share, instant funding, 1:100 leverage, up to a year to pass the evaluation, no restrictions on trading styles and just a 10% profit milestone to reach! If you start with the $70,000 funding, by the time you have obtained a 60% gain, CTI will have you trading a $2,000,000 account!

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True Forex Funds

True Forex Funds is a fast growing proprietary trading firm, that targets motivated but undercapitalized traders, who are ready to get up to $400,000 in funding, after completing our 2-phase Evaluation process. Upon successfully passing our Challenge, we will cover all your losses!

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Forex Traders UK 

Forex Traders UK program provides experienced traders with a platform where they can earn while trading without risking their own capital! That’s right, no challenges or verification period.

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