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5 Best Prop Trading Firms For Stocks 2021: A Trader’s Perspective

Finding a prop trading firm that can do exactly what you want is perhaps one of the biggest challenges to settling on a firm. You want a firm that is designed to handle your needs and some of those firms have specific specialties. 

So, if you’re looking for the best prop trading firm for stocks, take a closer look at these top suggestions. I researched, and tried some of them, quite extensively.

First, let’s see a brief overview of them.

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Best Prop Trading Firms For Stocks Overview

Prop Firm Funding Profit Split Fees  
FTMO $25,00-$2,000,000 80%-90% $270-$1,217 (One Time) Open
Funded Trader $50,000-$400,000 80% $315-$1,798 (One Time) Open
Trader 2B $25,000-$150,000 80% $150-$500 (Monthly) Open
Great Point Capital N/L 90% N/L Open
Allston Trading N/L N/L N/L Open


FTMO is based in Czech Republic. They have their hand in everything and can handle a lot of different trading needs, including forex, futures, commodities, indices, cryptos, bonds, and stocks of course. 

This company mostly has an 80% profit split but you can get up to 90% on their highest level. They leverage 1:100 and their funding goes up to $200K.

FTMO is incredibly popular in the prop trading industry so you should definitely at least glance over their details. 

They do require a 2-step evaluation so keep that in mind. 

FTMO Programs

Type Funding Amount One Time Fee Profit Split
Scaling $25,000 $270 80%
Scaling $50,000 $390 80%
Scaling $100,000 $609 80%
Scaling $200,000 $1,217 90%

Their Pros

Their Cons

Funded Trader

Funded Trader brings it home with stock trading, in addition to other prop firm trading options. You really can’t go wrong here.

Unfortunately, they are not highly-rated but that is mostly because they are challenging to understand and their website is a tad bit awkward but it has the basic details. 

With that being said, their evaluations are cheap, there are a ton of different account options, they do have stock trading, and they have a good reputation based on the reviews I could find about them. 

Funded Trader Programs

Type Funding Amount One Time Fee Profit Split
Standard $50,000 $315 80%
Standard $100,000 $549 80%
Standard $200,000 $899 80%
Standard $400,000 $1,798 90%

This may not seem complicated but it gets more complicated when you consider the phases, targets, and minimum trading days.

The phase 1 target is 35 days and Phase 2 is 60 days. 

Their Pros

Their Cons

Trader 2B

Trader 2B is a unique prop trading firm that decided to empower stock traders rather than avoid stocks. You already know it can be a challenge to find a stock prop trader but they saw the challenge and jumped on it.

This company has been around a little over 10 years, they’re a leading firm in the industry in this capacity. 

They work to provide tools for day traders so you find yourself with adequate challenges as well as adequate training, tools, and other resources to be successful.

Their fees are low and fully transparent as well. 

This company does not require a deposit or capital to get started. You work through their challenges or you can show them a solid trading record if you’re experienced. 

Trader 2B Programs

With Trader 2B, you can get started for free if you’re an experienced trader by simply share a trading history. Otherwise, here is the breakout of programs for their Toro Challenge. 

Type Funding Amount Monthly Fee Profit Split
Starter $25,000 $150 80%
Professional $100,000 $300 80%
Advanced $150,000 $500 80%

Their Pros

Their Cons

Great Point Capital

Next up is Great Point Capital. This prop trading firm works with stocks as well as other trading stations.

They have a mission to find the best traders out there and share their own tools for success. You get capital support, structure, resources, and plenty of flexibility. 

This prop trading firm is based out of Chicago and Austin both. They also will work remotely with any traders out there and help you find an automated strategy.

They have high-tech software designed to simplify your trading experience so you can focus on work and trading. 

They’ve got the capital and the resources, you bring your trading knowledge and skills and get to work. They are a bit more limited than some companies but a great option to check out. 

Great Point Capital Programs

This is not your average prop trader. Since they are a smaller firm, they choose to be picky on who they bring in. Rather than discuss the programs, take a look at some of their requirements and details here. 

Their Pros

Their Cons

Allston Trading

Allston trading has locations in Chicago, Houston, London, and New York. They are all about bringing together innovation and technology for trading.

They are considered a premier market maker in worldwide exchanges and you have access to stocks, bonds, futures, options, and 30 exchanges. 

This company believes strongly in investing in technology. They bring you a high-quality trading and research platform as well as systems created for performance.

Your network will be great and so will your support. 

Allston Trading Programs

This prop trading firm is set up like a private firm again, much like Great Point Capital was. 

You can get started by applying with their general application. Here, you would be a full time employee as part of their working team, rather than an individual trader so the availability does vary. 

Their Pros

Their Cons

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