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About The5ers

The5ers is a platform for funding forex traders and a growth program. It helps top forex talent make the transition to full-time trading. Our goal is to help the brightest and most successful traders worldwide and allow them to make higher profits trading currencies with less capital and on their own.

The story of the fund provider began in 2016 when Gil Ben Hur (professor forex trader) and Snir Ahiel (fund manager) launched the firm. Due to a common problem, the founders agreed on their opinions. Although they had the necessary skills, they lacked the capital to make significant profits. They realized that not only did they have the problem, but many other currency traders also struggled. So they launched a platform to help them build a career.

The company was founded in a small community and quickly grew to be one of the most prominent prop companies in the industry. It is now a highly sought-after business with a growing demand for its services and products. The company is headquartered in Israel but has a UK office.

The prop firm has continued to fund and develop professional and beginner traders, allowing them to earn profits while minimizing their capital risk. Users can trade real money on the platform from day one without being qualified or self-funding.

Market leader Included is a trading journal Established in 1997

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