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Apex Funded Trader Program Breakdown

APEX account size or Starting Capital: 25k through 300k represents the starting balance in your simulated trading live data environment. That number is roughly the amount of funds you would need in your online brokerage account to cover the initial margin for the maximum available positions size in the program. You are getting an opportunity to leverage a small dollar amount into a significant leverage real money trading account.


Contracts: Maximum position size or most futures contracts you can have traded in your trading exam account. You do not have to trade full size at once, and you can trade just one at a time. And if market conditions get too crazy, you can now trade micro contracts too (for example, MES/MNQ are 1/10th the size of ES/NQ). A maximum number of futures micro contracts is listed next to full contract size.


Profit Goal: Pretty Straight Forward, reach the profit goal, and as soon as you place a trade during ten different trading days and have funded account balance above starting balance + profit goal, you will advance to funded money account to trade for real money profits.


Daily drawdown: NONE! There is no daily drawdown. Competitors make you adhere to Daily and sometimes weekly account drawdowns. With Apex trader funding, you have all the breathing room you need to trade with one drawdown or trailing Threshold.


Trailing Threshold: or maximum allowed drawdown for trading exam account. Drawdown is the dollar $ trailing your highest reached balance. For example, suppose you have a 7.5k drawdown in a 300k account.

When first starting, the balance can not cross below 292.5K. As you make profits, the drawdown trails. If the balance reaches 303K, the level you can drawdown to becomes 295.5k.


What is the Trailing Threshold Max Drawdown? – Apex Trader Funding (


Scaling: Once again, another big advantage of working with APEX is to achieve a real withdrawable money account. Many competitors ask you to scale your positions, sizing up as you make a profit, and try to trap you for violating the contract sizing rules if the balance is in the wrong position sizing bracket. Here you have the freedom to trade maximum allowed contracts from the first trade.


NinjaTrader License: One of the most popular and powerful trading platforms is included with the Apex Funding program and is ready to go from the start. Just Ninjatrader's lease for just the platform is $225 quarterly. So here, you get a chance to get funding for the cost of software alone. And that's not all; you get more.


Real-Time Data: 

In the Apex funding program, you get immediate access to all the live data, including the most popular products from CBOT, CME, COMEX, NYMEX. In addition, you can earn funding trading the products of the following futures:

Newly added micro futures that are 1/10th the size of full contracts:

As you see, there is a full array of financial instruments available for you to trade with a very flexible position size.


Commissions: Like in real-world trading, during the Apex evaluation account, commissions are charged for trading. Round Trip commissions:

Equity Index Futures: $3.98 bet round turn

Interest Rate futures: $3.12-4.02 / RT

Currency Futures are $4.72 per round turn trade

AG Futures: $5.58 RT

Energy Futures: $3.96

Metals: $4.62 for full contracts and $3.02 for the minis

Micro Futures: $1.02/RT or less

Another place APEX shines, commissions are in line with the lowest rates at online brokerages. Some of the competitors overcharge on commissions, especially punishing scalpers.


Reset: If you reach the drawdown and fail the evaluation. You can reset it for only $80 and start over. Likewise, you can get aggressive with large accounts and restart for only $80. While not ideal for a disciplined trader path, it is an approach you can take with this program. 


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