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Creating a Funded Trading Account

Even after completing a funded trader program assessment, you’ll need to consider which account to open or accept. Not all funded trading accounts are equal.

For instance, most funded trading accounts have a profit split ratio or percentage. In a nutshell, you gain access to the trading company’s capital to buy and sell financial securities and assets. In exchange, the company gets a cut of the profits you make.

Naturally, funded trading accounts that offer a higher chunk to you are more profitable overall, but they may also come with less capital.

Additionally, check whether a funded trading account comes with ancillary fees. Some trading companies make their money by charging their funded traders fees. As a bonus, many of these funded trading accounts come with special tax statuses.

Be mindful to read the fine print before signing up for a new funded trading account – all of the potential fees could add up over time and minimize the profits you make in the long run.

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