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Creating E8 Trader Evaluation Account

Select account size and click enroll. Then, enter the coupon code in the shopping cart if you have one and check out. In minutes, you will access the trader dashboard and logins to the trading platform.

You will immediately have access to a comprehensive dashboard for analytics and trader account performance. In addition, your access to the trading platform will also be immediately activated to view live data for all the products.

Phase 1 of E8Funding:

Trade at least one day and as many as 30 days to achieve the profit goal.

Profit target - 8% of starting virtual balance. 50k account has a $4,000 profit target

Drawdown - there are two drawdown figures:

  • Daily drawdown of 5% (open + closed) loss
  • Total drawdown or 8% of initial balance drawdown. 

Profit Goal: 8% or $4000 for $50,000 account. If you reach it on the first trade, straight to Phase 2, You advance if you advance.

Phase 2 of E8 Trader Funding:

This step is designed to make sure traders can trade and manage risk. Unlike many other programs, there are no extra hoops to jump through as you get close to funding. As a result, the second step is easier to pass.


Duration: Minimum 1 Day. Maximum 60 days. You qualify for a funded trader account in as few as two trading days.


Profit target - 5% closed profit in the trading account.


Drawdown rules are the same as in the first phase: 5% daily drawdown, 8% total drawdown.

Traders who reach the profit target of step 2 will be advanced to an E8 funded account.

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