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DT4X: How to Get Funding

The firm provides capital for forex traders from $10,000 to $50,000. These accounts cost a one-time fee of $275 for the $10,000 account and $575 for $50,000. This is quite competitive. Although the leverage offered at first is 1:0, it is not very high. However, once you have made a 10% profit from your accounts, you can change this to 1:150 by contacting support.

The profit share is 60%. There are a maximum loss of 5%, an account growth target of 10%, and a profit target limit of 5%. Your account will be doubled if you achieve 10%. Retail traders will love that all majors and minors of forex can be traded.

DT4FX allows traders to trade on MT4Opens from a new tab. MT5Opens and MT4Opens in a different tab. Platforms with overnight trading permitted. However, weekend holding is prohibited, and you may be penalized if you hold over the weekend. Lux Trading FirmOpens a new tab if you need to swing trade or hold longer weekend positions. Or FTMO Swing ChallengeOpens a new tab. These might be the best options.

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