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DT4X Scaling Program - Trade More Capital

DT4X offers a great program for capital scaling for traders. This allows you to trade large amounts of capital while still earning small returns for your company. You can see more details in the FAQ section opens a new tab. They offer different levels of Fund Manager, which eventually lead to full funding of $1,240,000. In addition, traders are paid a fixed monthly salary of $5000.

Your account will double for every 10% gain, regardless of whether or not you withdraw your profit share. In theory, this means that to increase your $50,000 account to $1,240,000, you would only need to grow 60% of your account.

This program is among the fastest and most efficient in scaling funds. Compared to other prop firmsOpens a new tab. It is easy to see how 'industry-leading' this scaling plan is.

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