Licensed Prop Firm
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E8 Funded Account

Shortly after reaching profit goals, Trader and Proprietary firm sign Trader Agreement Contract.

The trader is entitled to keep 80% of the profit they generate in the live funded account.

The trader will be eligible for the first payout after eight trading days. So can go from starting an account to paying in just ten days; meanwhile, in competing programs, you are likely still jumping through hoops just to have a chance at funding.


Fee Refund - after your request firth withdrawal, your fee will be refunded. Who else offers you a chance to get funding for free?


Drawdown rules carry over into the funded account, 5% daily maximum loss and 8% total maximum loss.

Free Trial

Traders can register to use all the great e8 tools in a free trial evaluation. Check out all the program’s features, dashboard, and practice plan execution. Very useful for traders who are not experienced with MT4 and are coming from across instrument space. Futures, stock, or crypto traders coming from different platforms to FTMO should quickly adapt to the most popular forex platform.

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