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E8 Online Prop Trading Deep Dive

Almost immediately after signing up for trader evaluation with the e8 online prop trading company, the trader will receive access to the Dashboard. The dashboard is an extremely convenient way to have a near real-time evaluation. Fortunately, there are few rules to track with his trader funding project. From a profit goal or max loss standpoint, you can view live balance in the trading software MT4. 

E8 Dashboard also features a full log of your trades in near-real-time, giving traders overall statistics and how each instrument is performing. Very useful spot performance patterns trade wasn’t potentially aware of.

The dashboard also offers P&L curves and some other tracking features. Traders are free to focus on just profit goal and drawdown rule thanks to trading in a limited rule environment. However, it is nice to have live analysis of accounts available for a deeper review. Most other programs either offer EOD performance data or do not offer it at all.

E8 Product selection

E8 Offers products from all financial instruments.
Do you like to trade currencies?

No problem, there are all major and many exotic crosses available.

Do you like to trade stocks?

While not all stocks are available, many of the biggest and most popular names have been made available for trading.

How about some Indexes?

You can trade all major USA index products and even some European markets in their liquidity pool.


Well, of course - Gold, crude and more


Have you seen a trader program that allows you to trade the VIX? Probably not, but at E8, you can do the whole program just on VIX trades.



E8 evaluation and funded traders have access to an ever-growing selection of coins available to trade; Although at the same time, you will not be able to trade revolutionary Dogecoin iterations, you will have access to big coin names to trade seven days a week.

Understanding and Evaluating  E8 products

E8 Funding provides Tier-1 Liquidity and NO commissions. Therefore, although spreads on some products might appear higher than they would with other programs, you have to consider that there are no commissions, and the spread is tighter for some products.
From the screenshot above, they were taking during high volatility days. During high volatility periods, spreads might expand. 


From the above screenshot, you can see that TSLA CFD traded with a 0.55 spread. Bitcoin CFD traded with just under $12 spread. Volatility index 20c wide big ask spread. WTI 6c spread. Crude oil had a 6c spread. Major FX spreads are frequently under a pip. 

All in one solution for trader funding. 

Instrument break down

No need for guesswork when exploring all the available markets. Right-clicking on an available product and selecting specifications will create a window pictured above.


Traders are free to execute and hold positions seven days of the week. However, products do not trade 24 hrs a day, so it is important to become familiar with the Sessions setting. In addition, being stuck in a position during a closed market could cause some losses if on the wrong side of the re-opening price gap.


Contract size - products will have different contract size specifications. For instance, above BTCUSD or bitcoin has a size of 1. While a single XRP product contract size is 100, meaning 100 XRP coins for each contract trader. Do not assume here, and make sure you put on the position size you want.

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