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E8 Two-Step Funding Overview

With E8, you can be up and running in minutes and funded as fast as three days. Nothing like it in the universe of funded programs that we review.

Select from two account types:

  • E8 - 2 phase trader evaluation. Two phases at selected virtual account size. Upon completing a two-step, evaluation the trader is assigned a funded account with the same parameters. Parameters and rules remain the same as long as the trader stays active with the funding firm.
  • ELEV8 - 2 phase trade evaluation. Once completing all funding requirements trader receives a scalable funded account. New levels of leverage and extra funding are unlocked if you reach a profit goal during one month.

Account sizes for E8: 25k, 50k, 100k and 250k

ELEV8 Scalable funded account comes in a 100k virtual balance that can be scaled once the funded level is achieved.


Refundable Fees:

Trader Evaluation account One time fee
E8 $25,000 $228
E8 $50,000 $338
E8 $100,000 $588
E8 $250,000 $988
ELEVE8 $100K $888

These are regular full prices, here we will have special deals and e8 coupons to make the value of evaluations even greater.

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