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Earn2Trade Products

There are three major products proposed by Earn2Trade; The Gauntlet Mini™, The Gauntlet™

And The Bootcamp.

The Gauntlet Mini™

We will start by the most known and used products of Earn2Trade which is The Gauntlet Mini™.

The Gauntlet Mini™ is an exam/challenge that allows you, when successfully passed, to win a guaranteed live futures trading account from one of the Earn2Trade proprietary trading firm partners: Helios Trading Partners or Appius Trading Limited.

Challenge Prices and Contracts:

The prices of Gauntlet Mini™ accounts depend on the account size and number of contracts allowed.

Here are the sizes of the accounts offered in the Gauntlet Mini™. You can get better prices by clicking here. 

Account size Number of allowed contracts Price of challenge
25000$  Up to
3 contracts
50000$ Up to
6 contracts
75000$ Up to
9 contracts
100000$ Up to
12 contracts
150000$ Up to
15 contracts

Rules to follow when you start your evaluation:

To make it easier to understand, let’s say that you want to pass the 50000$ challenge. Here are the most important rules that you need to respect during the process of passing the exam:

You may reach the profit target in the first day or in the first 5 days, but you will still need to trade at least a total of 15 trading days (not calendar days) to complete the exam. This help Earn2Trade supervisors to check your consistency on making profits.

In our case it’s 1100$, if you lose 1100$ or more in one single day, your account will be eliminated. Even if you didn’t reach your account maximum loss, which is 2000$ for the 50000$ account size.

At Earn2Trade, This is also called “the Progression Ladder”. For the 50000$ account size, you have a maximum of 6 contracts to use, but you are not allowed to use all those 6 contracts on the first day. Your allowed number of contracts depend on the profits that you make. You are first allowed to trade with 2 contracts, then when you make a total profit of 1501$ you are allowed to use 4 contracts, then 6 contracts if you reach 2001$ profits.

On July 1, 2021, Earn2Trade made an important update for the drawdown, it is not calculated at the end of the day instead of intraday.

For example, the maximum drawdown for the 50000$ account is 2000$, that means that you can’t go below 48000$ on your futures trading account. The minimum account balance will never go down, it only goes up.

Trailing drawdown with profits:
Trailing drawdown with loses:

When your minimum balance reaches 50000$, it will no longer rise again.

We already talked about it, check here Maintain consistency.

The Gauntlet™

The Gauntlet™ is a futures trading evaluation with a one time payment ($429 /one time) and 60 calendar days period. When you succeed in this evaluation and respect all the rules, you will be funded with a trading account from “Helios Trading Partners”, or from “Appius Trading Limited”, which are Earn2Trade proprietary trading partners.

The Gauntlet™ evaluation Price and Contracts:

There are no multiple packages on this product like in the Gauntlet Mini™, there is only one package which will cost you a one time payment $429, that will allow you to manage a 25000$ futures trading account for exactly 60 days. This product has no contract size limits.

Rules of the The Gauntlet™ evaluation:

The rules on the The Gauntlet™ are more flexible than The Gauntlet Mini™, but The Gauntlet™ takes more time to pass than the Gauntlet Mini™.

You will have to manage the 25000$ account for 60 days, not just until you reach your goal, that means that if you reach your goal earlier, you must maintain your profits for the remaining days.

This will prove more consistent in making profits.

You have to mention in the dashboard your strategy or so called the trading plan, this will help Earn2trade team to track your trading according to your strategy and see if you have a winning strategy.

When 60 days have passed, you must have at least 10% profits in your balance, that means for the 25000$ account, you must finish with plus 2500$ in your balance.

Your maximum drawdown in the Gauntlet™ is 10%, that means -2500$, if your account reaches 22500$, you are immediately eliminated.

The Bootcamp

What is The Bootcamp

The Bootcamp is a trading course that takes 6 months to complete, it’s an all in one complete trading course where professional mentors and traders teaches you the basics of trading, then provides advanced lessons, then helps you practice and prepare for the real world.

You will learn about technical analysis, markets, strategies, risk management and more.

But the most important thing is that as a final step in the last 8 weeks, you will be allowed to take the The Gauntlet™ evaluation, which then offers you the possibility to manage a real trading account and take 80% of the profits each month.

The Bootcamp Schedule

There are 3 principal periods of the Bootcamp:

You will be educated by professional mentors and traders about the fundamentals of trading step by step with comprehensive videos and personal mentoring, then your mentors will provide deeper information and lessons about analysing the markets and charts, risk management and more.

In this period, you will have access to simulated accounts with live data, where you can practice all your knowledge and test your strategy and enhance your risk management skills, you can then develop your own trading method that you will use during The Gauntlet™ evaluation.

As already mentioned before, you will be managing a 25000$ account for 60 days with the goal of making 10% profits at the end of this period. When successfully done, you will have access to a real trading account funded by one the Earn2Trade proprietary trading partners; “Helios Trading Partners” or “Appius Trading Limited”.

The Bootcamp price

There is one time payment for the Bootcamp: $1999.20.

The price is very high for some people, but personal mentoring and getting access to the Gauntlet™ evaluation, free data and multiple tools, can justify this price for sure.

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