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Education and Support for Traders

When we look at education, you will see that I believe in learning from other sources and using free online resources. BabypipsOpens in new tab They are a great place to meet new traders and share their knowledge of the forex market.

MyForexFunds will soon offer a trading academy. This will have a lot of educational content. Unfortunately, this academy is not yet available, so I can't critique it. However, I will be updating this section as soon as the academy launches.

Supporting traders is possible via Discord, live chat, and email support, allowing you to reach your query quickly.

It is amazing to see that the monthly trading volume is now at more than 100,000,000,000+. Over the past few months, I have noticed an increase in the quality and quantity of support for traders since I started trading with the company. It has been a lot quicker to get a reply from the team. There is now also a live chat function that can answer small questions.


MyForexFunds began interviewing successful traders who have funded accounts over the past few months. This interview is available in FTMOOpens in another tab. It has been a great way to see traders' progress over the past few months and strategies and tips that you can implement.

Irma was interviewed for this interview. She used the Rapid accounts to trade faster without going through the lengthy challenge process. Irma uses the previous day's highs and lows as her basis for trading, with a 9/10 win rate. Irma stated in an interview that MFF has never missed a withdrawal (as with me), and she can't fault the company for that!

It's a good idea to read the interviews of other tradersOpens in the new tab. To find out if you can learn any tricks or tips.

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