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Growing forex accounts is really hard work, especially when you’re making a few percent gain every month. Forex attracts a lot of traders with lower trader capital, primarily due to the high leverage offered by offshore brokers. However, this doesn’t make growing accounts any easier and a lot of traders are looking to obtain funding for their trading – this is where Funding Talent comes in!

Funding Talent is a relatively new prop firm, offering traders up to $300,000 in trading capital and a range of different account types to suit all kinds of retail traders. They have an extremely interesting funding model, where you can actually fund your trading account with profits made on a demo account. Let’s find out more…


Who Are Funding Talent?

Funding Talent is an online prop trading firm, based in Canada. This firm really took off over the last few months thanks to founder and CEO Jessica Ghaney, who you may already know through Instagram.

Jessica owns ForexTips101, one of the largest forex trading themed Instagram accounts, which has lead to the huge coverage of Funding Talent within the space.


This firm operates very differently from some of the other industry leading prop firms like FTMO and MyForexFunds, due to the options for traders to actually fund their own live account, from demo account profits. Funding Talent is very open about the fact that until you reach a certain level of trading profits, or pass a challenge account, you will be trading on a demo account with one of their chosen brokers.

With up at 80% profit share for elite traders, it sounds like a no brainer to work with a firm like this! Before you do though, let’s have a look at everything you need to know about trading with Funding Talent.

Getting Funding From Funding Talent

Funding Talent offer a large range of funded account options, which can be quite overwhelming to get your head around initially. In terms of the capital offered, it ranges from $25,000 to $300,000, depending on which account you are looking to take on.


In short, it is broken down into two different account types: Flex (Classic or Aggressive) or Challenge.


Flex Accounts

With the Flex accounts, you do not have to do a performance based challenge at all. You pay a monthly fee for the account, depending on the account size, and this will be for a Demo account. Why would you want to trade a demo account? Well, a percentage of your Demo account profits goes towards your live account balance (Elite account).

Elite accounts (real money funded accounts), are earned through ‘Funded Earnings’. Either biweekly or monthly, 20% or 10% (Depending on classic or aggressive) of your demo account profits will get put into your funded earnings pot. Once your Funded Earnings reach 15% of the account size, you will then be given access to that capital in the live markets!

This is, in my opinion, a very long winded and complicated way to get funding, compared to the challenge model they offer. However, it could work out much cheaper then paying for challenge scenarios and it is definitely a good move for newer traders that still trade on demo accounts, to get more practice in before moving to the live markets. If you’re only going for this option because you are not wanting to do a full challenge to get funded, there are instant funding prop firms like MyForexFunds and DT4X Trader that don’t require any kind of challenge.


Challenge Account

Challenge mode is much more simple and much more similar to other prop firms offerings – it’s very comparable to FTMO. You don’t have to pay a monthly fee for a challenge account but you do have to pass the two phase evaluation performance review in order to get funded.

The challenge mode has a set of rules you must abide by in order to actually pass and get funded. This is pretty much the industry standard and currently looks like…


If you manage to pass the challenge, you will get your fee refunded in your first payment, along with a profit split of 80% on the $100,000 capital. If you are profitable and did not violate any of the rules but fail to hit the full profit target, you will be allowed to retry the challenge for free.

Elite Accounts

Elite accounts are essentially funded accounts. These come with a profit split ranging from 75%-90%, depending on which account type you opted to trade. Elite accounts can be obtained in 2 ways…

When you have access to your elite account, you won’t be held to any type of profit target monthly or quarterly, only a drawdown maximum and daily maximum will be imposed on your account.


What Makes Funding Talent Different To Any Other Prop Firm?

Funding Talent actually have a very handy comparison section on their website, which allows us to look at their costs and rules compared to some of the other industry leading prop funds.

There is really one main thing that sets this company apart from other funding options like BluFx or FTMO and that is the fact that you can fund your own account via demo trading profits. If you trade the Flex accounts, instead of the $100,000 Challenge, you will be growing your own funded account every month with a percentage of the profits generated on the demo account.


This is a very cool feature and a great way to start getting experience with trading firms if you’re new to the industry. In my opinion, if you’re already a profitable trader it will be much faster for you to just take the $100,000 challenge and you will be trading live capital in a much shorter space of time, should you pass.

Is Getting Funding Talent Capital Realistic?

When we look into trading with any type of funding, one of the most important things to be considering is whether or not it would actually be possible to obtain and keep the funding offered by the firm.

If we set aside all of the perks and the scaling plan that Funding Talent offer, let’s take a look at whether or not we are likely to get funded with their 2 options. Firstly, the challenge account.


With the challenge account, the rules are exactly the same as FTMO, but a few percent easier, with a better profit split. This is great news because it shows us that it’s actually very realistic to get funded with the challenge mode Funding Talent are currently offering.

Secondly, the Flex account. The flex account is very cool and I’ve never seen anything like it over the last 5 years, however, it’s going to be a long road to get funded this way. You have to pay a one time fee, combined with a monthly fee, in order to just take a small percentage of your profit and add that to a live account balance. Being realistic, as cool as this is, it’s going to take a very long time to get funded to any serious levels of capital and I would personally avoid this option and go straight for the $100,000 challenge. 


So although getting funding from Funding Talent is realistic and very possible, for the majority of traders it could be a very long road and a lot of the other Top Prop Firms offer a much quicker and easier route to becoming a funded trader.

Which Brokers Do They Partner With?

It’s important for newer traders to understand that prop firms are not actually brokers, they never have direct access to markets or liquidity providers. For this reason, whenever you have a funded account, you will be trading with a broker, separate from the firm.

Funding Talent partner with a range of brokers around the world…


Out of all of these brokers, Blackbull Markets would definitely be my top choice as they are actually regulated, unlike the others. The lack of regulation doesn’t really make a difference to us as the traders though, it is Funding Talent that are taking on any potential risk factors brought on by the lack of governing bodies.

One thing to bare in mind is that typically spreads and slippage with these offshore brokers like HugosWay is more common, so if you are looking to scalp or trade a very low time frame strategy, choosing a broker like Blackbull Markets is going to be a much better option to ensure the best market conditions for yourself.


Talent Funding Reviews – What Are Traders Saying?

Funding Talent has absolutely amazing reviews on Trustpilot, coming in at 4.7/5, with Excellent as the overwhelming majority of reviews. This is brilliant to see as understanding the experience other traders have had is one of the best metrics in determining the trust of a company. Compared to the other forex prop firms, they are actually growing the fastest in the industry in terms of month on month reviews – which is exciting to see and bodes well for the success of the company.

As you can see from these reviews, payments are making their way to traders and everyone seems very happy with the service being offered. The support team is praised constantly through the reviews, with them being fast, helpful and always responding to queries.

Due to the nature of the financial markets and 90% of traders losing money, it’s very rare to see any sort of financial firm with less than 4% of negative ratings on a review website, so they must be doing something right!

Education & Support For Traders

Jessica Ghaney’s Funding Talent offers pretty much nothing in regard to education for traders, which I don’t see as a problem at all! As shown below, Babypips for example has a huge amount of free education for forex traders, so there is no need to expect prop firms and brokers to offer this too!

With the lack of education being mentioned, Jessica has a huge amount of educational content for new traders on her Instagram Account ForexTips101, so you can definitely learn a thing or two there!


Conclusion – Is Funding Talent Just A Scam?

With all of the testing, research and thought that has gone into this review, we now need to look at the reality of whether or not Funding Talent is just another prop firm scam…

Funding Talent has proven itself to be a legitimate company, ran transparently by Jessica Ghaney since 2019, providing a prop firm experience to forex traders around the world. They have a range of perks and a unique business model of funding your own live account, from demo account profits which really sets them apart from other firms in the market.

The flawless reputation that this company has speaks for itself. However, I would recommend the $100,000 challenge account rather than the Flex account funding options. In my opinion, if you’re consistently profitable and want to scale your trading capital, opting for the $100,000 capital challenge will get you funded faster, earning more money and be much more worth your time investment!

If you’re looking for a faster way to take on additional capital, utilising the instant funding from DT4X Trader maybe the best option. Anyway, if you have any experience with this company please do let me know in the comments down below – I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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