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Looking for best prop trading firm? You have just found it! RemoteDayTrader Group is one of the oldest and biggest group in Europe offering trading services on US Stock Markets for both prop trading offices and remote traders following the Remote Trading principles. Our traders are first ones in Poland to start trading on such US Stock Markets as: NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX thanks to the support of our group.


What do we offer –  best prop trading firm

Traders cooperating with us invest the capital of a prop trading company and thanks to that – they are granted the access to almost unlimited trading capital. In the case of the discussed trading methods, we do not use the leverage technique. Thanks to the said fact, trader’s capital is not subjected to additional risk. In return, the prop trading company rewards the trader by granting him or her a substantial share of the generated income. Due to the fact that the level of costs and commissions is specified on the basis of the total deal volume, the company ensures its traders remarkably low commission level. Such a standard cannot be offered by traditional brokers.

We have been cooperating with one of the biggest prop trading companies in the world which has its branches all over the globe. The company has been established by a team of traders who would like to create something unique. That is how a “proprietary trading” company has been created. It offers experienced traders exquisite tools and the opportunity to develop professionally thanks to a competitive offer.
If you want to start your adventure on American stock exchanges, you have found the best partner to start with. Contact us if you are interested in a cooperation as a remote trader, as well as if you represent a group of traders and you have been considering opening your very own prop trading office.


Experience in day trading

The owner of the group has been sharing his experience with others since 2007 via and websites. Since 2011, the RemoteDayTrader Group has been responsible for the co-organization of the „DayTrader Event” which focuses predominantly on trading on US Stock Markets. We know the market inside out and we want our traders to earn as much as possible. That why we want to be the best prop trading firm around!

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