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FTMO Demo & Challenge

FTMO Demo & Challenge


What is FTMO?

FTMO is a "Proprietary trading firm" meaning a financial firm or commercial bank that invests for direct market gain rather than earning commission dollars by trading on behalf of clients. It's also called "prop trading". They recruit talented forex traders to trade with their capital for a 70/30 split of profit (70% for you the trader). To be sure the trader is suitable, they must pass a 2-step evaluation challenge where you meet profit targets and have losses within limits.



FTMO offers a free demo. It's shortened to 2 weeks instead of 1 month, and provides some analytics of pass criteria. It's great to test out a new strategy without risking a fee yet.


FTMO Challenge Rules

The FTMO challenge is the initial test proving your strategy is viable. The profit target is quite high at 10% within 30 days, however this is reduced to 5% in the 2nd stage of the challenge which is 60 days. We passed the challenge by increasing the lots to be a little more aggressive in the 1st stage challenge, then reduced it afterwards to be conservative.


What happens if I fail the FTMO challenge?

If you don't fail the drawdown limits (5% daily, 10% total), but have a positive balance under the 10% profit target, you can try again for free. If you fail the drawdown limits, then the challenge is forfeited. It's best practice to test your strategy on a demo account before proceeding to the challenge to ensure your settings are correct etc. FTMO is actually trading on demo accounts, then they copy trade from that. So demo trading is perfect simulation of the FTMO challenge. All our strategies have been run multiple times on demo accounts, and on real FTMO challenges to hit the profit targets.


How to pass the FTMO challenge?

Realistically, not everyone passes the challenge. It's designed to be a high standard. That being said, many do succeed. The strategies listed on this site have been tested and used to ensure high probability odds of passing and continuing with FTMO. As you know, past results can't guarantee future outcomes, but that's why we do backtesting, forward testing on demo accounts, probability analysis, then finally actually use it on FTMO. FTMO actually uses demo accounts then copy trades. They manage risk this way.


FTMO Expert Advisors

Metatrader Expert Advisors are definatly allowed. This website provides tested Expert Advisors for you. There are more to come still undergoing live testing and auditing. 


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