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FTMO - For serious traders

Hello Traders,
my name is Otakar and I am a co-founder of the Our aim is to find successful traders on Forex and CFD who we provide with our company capital when they meet our conditions. The testing of traders is performed through a demo account which we call the Challenge.

Why to trade for us?
Receive funding up to 40 000 USD, you keep 70 % of profits, we cover the losses.

In this thread we will share articles about trading, news about the company and the most importantly we will answer all your questions.

Who is behind
The idea to start the project, which was initially called (our Czech project), was conceived in 2014 in a small Prague office. From the beginning, we know that, if we want to succeed in this business, we need to offer more than just funding. For this reason, we have created a full range of trading application.

Every trader also receives:
Account analysis
Every trader, who joins the program receives an individually written analysis of his or her trading results.

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Account MetriX
This web application monitors your progress towards becoming our FTMO Trader, beside that it gives you latest analytics of your trading.

Trading Journal
Learn effectively and improve faster by using our semi-automatic Trading Journal. All trades are written in the journal automatically, you only have to write down your thoughts and feelings about the trades. Screenshot can be attached to every entry and exit.

Mentor application (MT4 expert advisor)
Your personal trading coach directly in the MT4 platform. This Mentor Application lets you set limits such as maximum trades per day, maximum daily loss, maximum trade size and much more.

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Statistical Application (web based application)
Do you like market statistics? We do! This web application calculates probabilities of German stock index Dax every 5 minutes. You can find there a probability of gap being filled, range statistics, initial activity statistics and much more.

Trade with your favourite broker
You can trade using a major brokerages like Admiral Markets, GDMFX, XTB, BossaFX, ICMarkets, Pepperstone, FxPro

And use your platform
MetaTrader 4 & 5, cTrader or NinjaTrader 7.

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