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Ftmo free trial

How about the Free Trial?

Our Free Trial is a shortened version of the FTMO Challenge so you can get used to trading with us. The Free Trials only serve our new traders to practise their trading skills to see if they have what it takes to follow and respect our trading rules. If you are successful in the Free Trial, you have the best chances to succeed in the full FTMO Challenge as well. This should encourage you to start your journey to become one of our FTMO Traders.

Please note that Free Trials don’t give you any eligibility to automatically secure your FTMO Account. Although your results might be good in the Free Trial, you still need to go through the Evaluation Process to become one of our FTMO Traders.

Our Free Trials are extremely popular and we have literally thousands of accounts taken every day. To accommodate the demand, only one Free Trial per trader is allowed at a time.

Note that with your Free Trial, you can use all of our unique applications, such as the Statistical Application, Mentor Application, Account MetriX, Trading Journal and shortened version of Account Analysis.

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