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FTMO Review of the “Challenge” Stage

For up to 30 continuous days, the Challenge is the first step in your evaluation as a trader. As long as you meet the trading objectives and break no rules, you can shorten this stage. Keep in mind, you need at least ten trading days out of the 30 to finish sooner.

While in the challenge stage, new traders must meet the following criteria:

  1. A minimum of 10 trading days, a maximum of 30;
  2. Meet a profit target of 10%;
  3. Daily losses cannot exceed 5% of total equity;
  4. Total losses in the account can never exceed 10%*

*Be very careful as “total loss” according to FTMO refers to the drawdown. Drawdown is based on equity, so any time that your account equity dips below 90%, you’re automatically disqualified. Not only are you disqualified from the Challenge, but you lose your registration fee. 

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