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FTMO Trading Objectives

Trading objectives for the FTMO challenge depend on the currency chosen, the risk level, and the account balance.


It would help if you first decided what level of risk you wish to take.


Your maximum daily loss if you choose the Normal risk level is 5% of your initial account balance. The maximum loss and overall profit target is 10% of your initial account balance.


If you choose the risk level Aggressive, all values will double. This means you can lose 10% per day, and your overall profit target is 20%. There is more downside potential with the higher risk level, and you must achieve a higher profit target.


There are five currencies available: USD, GBP and EUR. CZK, CAD, and AUD. For both risk levels, the account balances are $10,000 to $25,000, $50,000, $50,000 and $100,000, respectively. The normal risk level comes with a $200,000 balance.


To summarise, the trading objectives are the maximum daily loss, maximum overall losses, profit target, and challenge fee.

Tradeable Assets


FTMO specializes in forex trading. A $10,000 account can be traded with $1,000,000. All major currencies, such as USD/JPY and EUR/USD, are available for trading. There are also less-popular currencies like USD/HKD and EUR/NOK. For a total of 44 currencies that can be traded via FTMO.


Trades can be made with eight metals, 14 cash indexes, four futures, and ten futures contracts. There are also 23 equities that traders can trade via contracts for difference.

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