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How can Forex traders start with The5ers?

You will first need to decide which package is best for you. These options are broken down based on how large your account is and how much funding you can get immediately. These include:

There are two options for aggressive and low-risk programs. This will determine the profit target that you should aim for. The low-risk evaluation program targets a 6-7% increase in net profit. However, aggressive traders aim for a 12% and 13% net profit rate.

After you sign up, you'll be assigned a Level-1 funded account. The5ers will evaluate your trading style and profile, profit target, performance, and other factors.

Accounts that exceed or reach the maximum stop-out rates for a particular funded account option will be closed.

Level 1 account holders aim to show that they can provide consistent returns and minimize risk. It is a test that you must pass to achieve your profit target. You should also not exceed the maximum loss rules and use leverage responsibly.

You will be awarded your first payment and a trading contract if you pass the test.

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