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How does Top Step Trader work?

TopStep has both Futures and Forex products. Since currency futures are included in the main simulated trading product, it is an ideal multi-product trading product for most traders. But, first, let's focus on the future.


TopStep trading exam or Trading Combine is a two-step process where traders prove they can follow trading rules and risk management parameters necessary to help develop cornerstone skills for any profitable trader. Upon completing TopstepTrader Combine, traders will be presented with multiple Funded Account options, more on that later.


Topstep has recently revamped its program to allow skilled traders to achieve the funding stage as quickly as eight days. Previous funded programs required two steps with a minimum of 10 trading days in each step. If markets are not ideal for your trading system's success, no worries, you can trade as many days as you would like as long as no trading rules are broken.

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