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How Does XLtrade work?

XLtrade allows investors of all experience levels to access funding while covering their risks and losses. To secure capital, traders must pass the evaluation process upon sign up. This involves consistently achieving performance targets within prescribed risk parameters over a given period. The probation period is conducted on a simulated account that mimics real-market conditions and is funded with $100,000. Once you’ve passed, you’ll receive a fully funded account within 24 hours.

The rules of the evaluation criteria are as follows:

You can also open an account without passing the evaluation stage by putting down a security deposit of 8%. For example, on the $500k lite funded account, you would need to submit $40,000 in funds. While this allows traders to bypass the approval process, it does mean their own capital is at risk.


XLtrade requires a one-time sign up fee to cover administrative and maintenance costs. However, if you successfully pass the evaluation process, this fee will be fully refunded. If you do not pass, you’ll still be charged, so it can be a risky avenue if you’re not confident in your abilities.

The one-time setup fee differs depending on the funded account you apply for:

Tools & Assets

XLtrade offers the MT4 platform on all accounts. Traders with the 1 million dollar account can also utilise XLtrade’s DMA platform. In addition, market access is provided by AvaTrade, which offers leverage up to 1:400.

The following markets are open to XLtrade users:

AvaTrade Platform

Accounts & Plans

XLtrade offers four account types that differ by funding value. The prop trading firm lets you open up to five accounts under one registration. The use of expert advisors (EAs) and copy trading is permitted on all accounts.

The four levels of trader funding are:

To access funding beyond the $1 million dollar level, you’ll need to attend a meeting with the XLtrade team to discuss individual requirements. At this point, you will also be considered an XLtrade Elite Trader.

Profits & Withdrawals

XLtrade takes 20% of any profits and allows traders to keep 80%. Their share is taken automatically. An account summary with profit payouts is sent by email at the end of each month. The trader can then request the full profit payout or partial payment if they wish to grow their account. These are instant upon request.

XLtrade will wire funds to any personal or company bank account worldwide. Additionally, profits can be paid in cryptocurrencies via Coinbase. If the trader is consistently profitable, XLtrade tops up the funded account by 25% every three months.


As a private fund, XLtrade does not offer any financial services that require a strict regulatory license. Therefore, legally, it is not subject to any requirements, other than anti-money laundering obligations. Nonetheless, the affiliated broker, AvaTrade, is regulated by multiple agencies, including the CySEC, ASIC and FSA. Furthermore, the MT4 platform provides secure logins with encrypted data.

Customer Support

The XLtrade customer support team can be contacted through several channels:

XLtrade also provides answers to frequently asked questions on their website. There is no live chat feature currently.



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