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How much do forex or futures funded traders make?

If you are about to start a funded trader challenge with one of the main funded trading firms it’s quite likely that this is one of the questions you’d like to ask: How much can I earn trading forex or futures with your funded trading program? It’s also one of the first questions we investigated when we first heard about funded trading. We also thought it would be a relatively easy question for each of the funded trading programs to answer…or maybe not.



It seems that this is a question that none of the main companies will give out easily. Some of them will boast about how many have passed their trading test, and you may see this statistic on their website but press further to find out how many are still funded and how much funded traders are now earning on average per month and you won’t find a number published anywhere. The big question therefore is: Why not publish the average monthly earnings if your program is funding successful traders? Clearly we need to dig deeper. 



80% of not much



Each funded trading program has reasonably clear rules which you need to pass to get funded. Each then says you’ll get rewarded with a funded trading account worth a large sum of money and that you’ll be able to keep a percentage of the profits, usually between 50% and 80%. It sounds good and looks good. 80% of a $10k profit is a nice $8k wage. Thank you very much. However 80% of not much is …not much.



Getting funded can on some of the programs be the easy part, a bit of luck might come your way and you’ve hit the profit target before the drawdown. Well done you might get funded. Does that mean you are a talented trader or just a lucky one. Will your luck stay with you when funded or will the program rules take away your funding before you are able to make any real profit? (Read: Fooled by Randomness by Nicholas Taleb.)



Dissatisfied Funded Traders



Digging deeper we looked into online forums, Facebook Groups and dedicated Subreddits. This reveals a higher level of dissatisfaction of traders who have passed funded trading tests than we would have expected. There is not a lot of evidence that there are large numbers of successful funded traders out there. It seems that a very large number fail to stay the right side of strict drawdown rules and consequently lose their funded trading account.



Before starting any funded trading challenge please do your own research. The question you need to ask yourself is: Does this funded trading firm really want me as a funded trader or do they just want my fees?



A tough challenge



At Funded Trading Plus our challenge is quite tough. You’ll have to complete 125 trades in the Talented Trader Program. You don’t have to worry about drawdown or money management at all. If you pass this test, you are statistically a Talented Trader and we therefore want you trading for us. Our test is designed to filter out random luck as best we can.



We could make the task easier – and we are already getting lots of people asking us to do just that. If we did so we’d make lots more money on fees and then we’d have lots more traders to fund, many of whom might not be quite as talented as we need. Consequently we’d have to go down the route the other funded trading programs have gone down and put severe limits on the funded trading account rules. We’d be a free generating funded trading company rather than prop trading profit generating funded trading firm – and we rather be the latter.



We can’t at this stage tell you how much on average our funded traders earn – we’re a very new business and it’s going to take some time for talented traders to join us and create wealth. But we will update this page in 6 months or a year’s time. We can however conclude this piece with some of the projection data within our business plan that helped us to secure funding from some of our investors. This is average trader projections and we expect in time to have individuals at lower and higher levels. Our business plan is based on 1.5% growth per trader per month split 80% to the trader and 20% back to Funded Trading Plus. 






Funded forex or futures traders on the Funded Trader Plus $500,000 Talented Trader funded trader program can expect to earn around $6,000 per month. They also receive a starting cash bonus of $20,000. Earnings can be potentially much greater. There is no downside risk on the account for the funded trader.



You’ll be able to make a living from our top account if you are generating just 0.5% per month. If you are a trader who can normally hit 3 or 4% or greater a month then you really should consider the wealth you could generate for yourself.

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