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How To Start The Leeloo Challenge?

You will be guided step by step during the process, and we recommend that you read all emails from Leeloo Trading at this stage, and all pages that they recommend you to read before you start. The Leeloo Support section is a very important source of information. Here are the major steps that you will follow during your registration:

  1. Go to Leeloo Trading website, and choose the offer that meets your budget and your needs.
  2. Leeloo will send you your login credentials, and also a NinjaTrader license key.
  3. Download and connect to Rithmic Trader Pro. There will be a step where you choose either a Non-Professional or Professional account. Most traders choose Non-Professional, and it is recommended. If you choose Professional, you will have to pay extra fees.
  4. Connect to NinjaTrader.
  5. Start Trading.

Here is a more detailed blog post on how to start a challenge at Leeloo Trading.

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