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Is it realistic to get DT4X funding?

It is important to consider the realistic trading requirements when looking into prop firms or taking on capital. For example, although a company may offer a 90% profit split for a PS1,000,000 account, their chances of success are not high if they only expect a 10% monthly gain and a 1% maximum drawdown.

DT4X is one the easiest prop companies to fund! This is because you don't need to go through any verifications or challenges as you would with FidelcrestOpens a new tab. Or 5%ersOpens a new tab. It seems that U.K. prop firms offer instant funding as both DT4X and CTIOpens in a different tab. Both offer this!

These rules are very relaxed and industry-standard. There is a profit target at 5%, a maximum drawdown at 5%, and a 10% account growth requirement to double your account. It is possible to hold positions overnight, which is great news for Day Traders. Weekend holding is also allowed. This makes it easier for long-term position traders to fund their capital and grow their capital.

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