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LeeLoo Trading

Q: I saw a promotion(or sale); how do you take advantage of it.

A: Click “Buy Now” on the account you are trying to purchase. Enter promotional code on the first checkout page in code.

Q: Leeloo promotion can buy five accounts using promotional coupons, but I am only able to add one to the cart

A: Unfortunately, we do not allow multi-account check out yet. You have to add a single trader evaluation to the cart and apply the code. Leeloo hopes to improve that in the future

Q: Do you have trader performance tracking as other funded trade programs do? Is there a way to tell where my drawdown level is?

A: You can track your performance using the NinjaTrader account performance tool. Since we have very few rules, the only goal that matters is to achieve your profit goal before hitting drawdown. You can track your max drawdown level in R | Trader. 

Q: I have completed ten days, and the account is at or above the profit goal; what now?

A: Our system will notify us that your performance met all the criteria, and you will receive a funded trader process shortly

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