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Leeloo Trading Brokerage Funded Account

Leeloo Trading

Leeloo Trading by Natural Trading is an excellent platform for budding traders to get trained in trading and become eligible for a funded trading account. Leeloo Trading offers support to new traders in all ways possible and helps them become financially independent and successful.

Leeloo Trading has two unique products. Leeloo Loft helps traders know how to use trading as an investment tool and how to hold on to trading capital even when they lose. It is a private trading group wherein traders can come and go as they wish. Leeloo Trading offers Leeloo Freedom Pass for traders who can’t trade every day and can come and go anytime with their morning pass. On the other hand, traders can also become Leeloo Month Members and trade with the expert Leeloo traders each day they trade.

Leeloo Trading is also known for the comprehensive trading education and training it provides. The education program of Leeloo is individual-focused and goes according to the pace of traders. Traders can book sessions based on their experience level and interests. Each session costs $250 and courses range from basics of the markets, market structure, market patterns, and charts to volume, market profile, volume profile, OHLC bars, and candles. Leeloo Trading works with a limited number of traders per month to maintain the quality of education and provides all the required support while learning.

The most significant offering of Leeloo Trading is its Natural Trading Funded Trader Program. Traders go through an evaluation phase where they are required to hit a profit target and then get funded based on their performance. The funded trader program of Leeloo Trading comes with a free 10-day $100,000 trial.

Types of package

Once traders qualify, they can choose between two packages. The Basic package costs $125 per month and comes with an opening balance of $25,000. Traders are required to hit a profit target of $1,500 with a maximum drawdown of $1,500 and a daily loss limit of $500. Traders get to keep the first $8,000 while after that the profit is split 80:20. On the other hand, the Next Step Up package costs $195 per month and has the starting balance of $100,000. The profit target is $6,000, with a maximum drawdown of $3,000 and a daily loss limit of $2,500. The profit split in this package is also 80:20.

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