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Leeloo Trading Program Challenges

Like all other platforms, to get a funded trading account on Leeloo, you must pass a challenge. Leeloo Trading offers multiple account sizes for traders, depending on their clients budget, but the most known offer from Leeloo Trading and the most used, is Leeloo Express.

Leeloo Express:

Leeloo Express is the cheapest offer to take the test, not only on the Leeloo platform, but also among all other platforms that exist on the web. The price of this challenge is only 77$.

Traders must achieve the target profit of this challenge in no more than 14 days (10 trading days).

If a trader passes the challenge successfully, there is a nice surprise waiting for him. Immediately after they have passed the challenge successfully, Traders can claim a refund for the 77$ paid for the challenge. This option is one of the biggest advantages of the Leeloo Express offer, and explains why Leeloo is the best on this market.

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