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Maverick FX Funded account

A Maverick FX Funded account, like its Equity/Options service, offers different amounts of capital and the same tiered levels of profit sharing. Maverick claims that Elite Traders can make over $100,000 per annum using its currency strategies.

Darren confirmed that traders do. Darren confirmed that traders do. Darren confirmed that some traders do. On the plus side of it, every currency strategist on Maverick’s team is an active trader so support and guidance are always available. Currency positions can be very leveraged.

Note from Darren M Fischer, CEO of Maverick Trading: Currency trading leverage is limited to 50 percent in the US. Many foreign firms offer 100:1, 200, 1, or 400:1 leverage. Our teachings emphasize the importance of risk management as the key to trading success.

It may not be your capital at risk, so it may not matter. However, large equity swings can increase stress in Trading.

You can access transcripts from recorded webinars and historical Maverick Trading podcasts through its Continuing Education portal. You can view transcripts of recorded webinars and historical Maverick Trading podcasts.

The Maverick trading blog also has a wealth of information.

The team provides market analysis and discusses Maverick strategies. This will help you become a better trader. Follow the team via its Maverick Trading Facebook page, Maverick Trading Twitter, and YouTube channels.

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