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Maverick Trading: Stock and Options


A Maverick Trading Stock/Options Fonded Account is designed for traders of all levels. It allows you to join the firm and trade with Maverick's capital. After passing the initial tests, you will access money from $25,000 up to $800,000.

Maverick Trading's unique selling point is its unlimited earning potential. In addition, the firm will provide you with more capital as your performance improves. Capital sharing allows you to increase your leverage without taking on the risks of heavy debt.

After you start with Maverick Trading, you first become an associate

This is how the structure looks:

These levels are crucial because they determine how much capital you allocate and how much profit you keep.

It looks like this.

The great thing about the compensation structure is that it aligns both traders and the firm. You keep more of what you earn as your skills and performance improve. The firm will allocate more capital to you as your experience grows.

The team will increase your trading limit if you show continued profits, low drawdowns, and decreased volatility. This is again a win-win situation for both sides. In addition, all profits are distributed monthly. This allows you to set up your business and enjoy the tax benefits.

Maverick Trading partners aren't going to be nickel-and-dimed traders. Instead, similar providers may offer "markups" on commissions and encourage traders to trade as often as possible.


They get a cut of the commissions they receive. Maverick Trading is a different kind of Trading. They don't charge markups on trader commissions.

Maverick makes profits when you make them, so there are no conflicts of interest. In addition, they offer many trading benefits. But what about education?

More than 250 hours of detailed, structured video instructions

Maverick Trading CEO Darren M. Fischer says that traders often spend several months training. Maverick Trading offers over 250 hours of detailed, structured instruction to its Stock/Options Division traders. Each trader is also given a structured coaching program to help them through the material.

Maverick Trading boasts over 100 years of trading experience, not counting remote traders. This program is a compilation of their knowledge. It represents what we believe is the 
minimum that a trader must know to be profitable. Darren states that this applies to both the Stock/Options Division and the FX Division.

Simulator for Maverick Trading Trade

A trade simulator component helps you learn chart reading skills quickly and without risk. Traders submit journaled trades to a demo account immediately before Trading live capital. This allows them to gain experience trading the markets without risk.

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