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MyForexFunds Payments

I like to see proof of payment when looking at brokers and prop firms. It can be difficult to trust a company that sounds too good to be true if they don't have payment proof from other traders. MyForexFunds has always paid my withdrawals. To request a withdrawal, I call the live support team at the end of each month.

They informed me that their usual payment processor was experiencing delays, but they could wait for 3-5 days or allow me to withdraw crypto instantly. They paid my profits that day, and I chose the crypto withdrawal. I was very impressed by how fast the payment arrived.

MyForexFunds has allowed me to withdraw four times, each paid on time. I reached out to the support team for assistance, and they were very helpful. It worked in 2 stages for bitcoin withdrawals.

Your withdrawal is approved. In the past few months, this stage took, on average, two days.

Your withdrawal is processed. It took about 30-45 minutes to process the withdrawal in my cryptocurrency wallet.

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