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OneUp Trader Review

OneUp Trader Review

Honesty matters. Integrity matters. It’s a line from a movie and holds especially true for companies in the finance sector.

Does the funded account provider OneUp Trader fully disclosure the requirements and details about their service? How do they compare regarding the level of transparency you see from other trading services?

In this OneUp Trader review, we’ll break down whether its services actually live up to its promises. We’ll cover all the important details and help you decide if a OneUp Trader Funded Account is right for you.

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OneUp Trader Review: Key Facts
? Features Funded trading accounts, funded trader programs
✅ Best For Trading beginners
? Pricing $105-$350 per month
? Technology Browser-based application

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Table of Contents

What is OneUp Trader?

OneUp Trader is a funded account provider that offers risk-free access to capital. Despite a decade of experience, OneUp’s team doesn’t promote an ‘in-house’ trading style. Instead, the company focuses on growing traders from within – promoting independent thought and decision making.

OneUp seeks to empower traders by fostering its core principles. With simplicity in mind, the team aims to provide a seamless transition from the point of getting started to the point of getting funded. Their programs also have no hidden fees and don’t require any add-on purchases after you sign up.

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Products | Services | Costs

OneUp Trader has a single service: its funded trading account. Let’s take a closer look.

OneUp Trader Funded Trading Account

Systematically created and covering all the details in the process, a OneUp Trader Funded Account offers the ability to trade risk-free using the OneUp team’s capital.

But, before you can start, there are five steps to get approved:

Choose your account size and profit split

OneUp Trader offers account sizes ranging from $25,000 to $250,000. Depending on the option chosen, you can choose a 50% profit split or an 80% profit split. To receive a $25,000 funded account with a 50% profit split, you pay $95 per month.

Benefits and requirements include:

Conversely, to receive a $25,000 funded account with an 80% profit split, you pay $125 per month. All of the benefits and requirements are the same as above, except here, you receive 100% of your first $8,000 in profits.

So what other perks are included?

Undoubtedly, One up trader has a lot to offer.

Prove you can manage your account

Step-2 is all about showcasing your trading skills. At the outset, OneUp’s team outlines a detailed list of requirements to ensure you have what it takes to succeed as a trader.

And what rules do you need to follow?

A lot to digest, we know. But keep in mind, what makes OneUp Trader so great is its level of transparency. Rather than making outlandish promises, then hitting you with a list of requirements later, the team covers all the details upfront so you can make the best decision.

Choose your preferred trading platform

Sticking to its promise independent thought, OneUp Trader doesn’t require you to use its software or require any additional add-ons. While it recommends NinjaTrader as its go-to trading platform, you can choose from over 19 other options including Sierra Chart, R-Trader and Order Flow Trading.

Share, chat and analyze your strategy

After deciding which platform is right for you, the next step is to discuss your ideas with like-minded traders on the Social Dashboard. Here, you receive feedback from other OneUp members who help you reach your goals.

The dashboard is packed with plenty of great benefits:

What’s more, you also receive access to the latest news moving the market:

Last, but definitely not least, is account analytics. Here, you receive detailed information about trading positons, account balances and overall profit and loss analysis.

Other benefits include:

Get funded

So you followed the rules and met the requirements. Time to get paid, right? Absolutely. Once you fulfill the obligations above, OneUp Trader guarantees you receive funding in the exact amount you specified otherwise they will refund 100% of your enrollment costs.

More importantly, with its quick start bonus you get to keep 100% of your first $5,000 in winnings when you choose a 50% profit share, and keep 100% of your first $8,000 in winnings when you choose an 80% profit share.

Now if it’s that easy – are we bullish on OneUp Trader’s Funded Account?

OneUp Trader offers a Free 14-Day Trial where you get access to a $100,000 practice account and can test out all of the features the site has to offer. Everyone knows, a free trial speaks to authenticity and integrity of any service.

And given the upfront nature of OneUp’s business model, its free trial offers a great way to test the product risk-free. As well, the trial period will provide a clear sense of whether its social dashboard, news feed and analytics software can really make you a better trader.

Now what about cost?

Compared to many other funded account providers like Maverick Trading, OneUp’s pricing is very reasonable. At $95 a month for the 50% profit share option and $125 a month for the 80% profit share option, you receive affordable access to capital.

Think of it like this:

If you choose the 80% profit share option, it’s analogous to a 6% interest rate on borrowed capital. Considering you receive a multitude of other benefits – including community support – the cost is more than reasonable.

And what about risk?

Remember, there is none. You’re trading with OneUp’s capital, so any losses are absorbed by the firm. Of course, it’s compensated by charging you the monthly fee, but you still have peace of mind knowing there is zero risk on the downside.

From our perspective, OneUp Trader is definitely worth a look. If you’re an experienced trader, your best bet is to opt for the $125 a month plan. Here, you keep an extra 30% of your winnings with it only costing an extra $360 per year.

On the other hand, if you’re a novice trader, opt for the $95 a month plan. Your trading results will be pretty volatile so the extra savings can help reduce your breakeven.

OneUp Trader Free Trial | Promo Code

To its credit, OneUp Trader offers a Free 14-Day Trial where you can test your strategy using a $100,000 practice account while at the same time enjoying full access to all of the platform’s features.

More importantly – by allowing trial access – it shows OneUp stands behind its service. And isn’t that the way it should be? As well, you can also follow the team on its OneUp Trader Facebook and OneUp Trader Twitter pages.

OneUp Trader Checklist

Who is OneUp Trader Best For?

OneUp Trader is beneficial for traders of all skill levels. Offering a great balance between price and value, its team provides education, trading resources and best of all – access to capital.

If you’re new to the trading game, you can benefit from its expert training as well as having zero downside risk in your account. As well, when considering the cost of buying portfolio protection, trading with OneUp’s capital is extremely beneficial.

A downside is that there is simply no information about the people behind the platform available. Also, the company name is not disclosed on their website yet. I received feedback from a reader complaining about the things going on with OneUp Trader. He was not that happy with the service.

Based on a document found on and, there is a dispute between TopstepTrader and Oneup Trader. Within those legal documents, the company name OneUp Trader, LLC, and Sattam Alsabah are mentioned. Therefore it is most likely the best decision to either start with the OneUp Trader free trial, or use Topstep’s free trial instead.

OneUp Trader Review Summary

OneUp Trader provides a fair introduction into the world of funded accounts and does so in an transparent way. The site clearly outlines its five steps for funding eligibility.

To that point, its prices are also clearly outlined and trader requirements are presented in full. The $125 a month plan with an 80% profit split seems to be the best deal.

Here, you keep 30% more of your winnings and compared to a 50% profit split, with plans for $95/month. Whatever you decide, OneUp Traders Funded Account is one of the better options available.

As lined out in the TopstepTrader review, TopstepTrader is the market leader, and for $120/month, you can trade a $30,000 account while OneUp Trader only allows a $25,000 account for $125/month.


Over 20 trade execution platforms like NinjaTrader, R|Trader, MultiCharts, and Bookmap, can be used during the funded trader account evaluation and when trading the funded account. Unfortunately, there is no clear statement available about how many traders got funded in the past. It would be good to find the full company information on their site to see who is behind this service.

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