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OneUp Trader Review Summary

OneUp Trader offers a fair introduction to the world of funds and does it transparently. It clearly outlines the five steps to funding eligibility.


Its prices are clearly stated, and all trader requirements are fully explained. The best deal seems to be the $125 per month plan with an 80% profit split.


You can keep 30% of your winnings instead of a 50% profit split. Plans start at $95/month. No matter your decision, the OneUp Traders Funded account is one of our best options.


As stated in the TopstepTrader Review, TopstepTrader leads the market and allows you to trade a $30,000 account for $120/month. OneUp Trader, on the other hand, only allows you to trade a $25,000 account at $125/month.



Trader, MultiCharts, and Bookmap can be used during the funded trader account evaluation and when trading the funded account. However, it is not clear how many traders were funded in the past. To find out who is behind this service, it would be helpful to have all the company information available on their website.

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