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Pros And Cons Of Leeloo Funded Futures Trading Program

Leeloo Funded Trading Program: All Advantages

In the 50k $ account, for topStepTrader, the Max Drawdown is 2000$, for Earn2Trade the Max Drawdown is 2000$, but for Leelee trading the Max Drawdown is 2500$.

The same thing for the number of contracts, all programs do not allow more than 6 contracts, but Leeloo Trading allows 8 contracts.

The minimum rest fees for all other platforms are 100$ and more, Leeloo Trading allows a minimum reset fee between 75$ and 85$.

The maximum trading days are unlimited, and the minimum trading days at Leeloo Trading is only 10 days, which is not possible in other platforms that offer at least 15 days.

This is not recommended for new traders, but If you are a very good trader, this option will help you increase your income very fast.

This is actually one of the most important advantages of Leeloo Trading, when you succeed in your challenge, you only need to wait 2 to 3 days to get verified, sign the contract and get funded. Most platforms take more than a week to verify your results, some are taking weeks to do it. 

Yes, If you are a very good trader and you always come up with profits for 12 months, the program offers you 90% of the profits for the next months instead of 80% of profits.

The only platform that allows trading during events and news is Leeloo Trading, all other platforms avoid letting their traders start any position at that time.

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