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Review of DT4X: What are Traders Saying About It?

Reviewing brokers and prop firms is a great way to see what traders say about them on forums. Over the years, I have seen many instances where I had a positive experience with a broker and was paid on time. This is something we want to avoid.

Trustpilot has given DT4X an excellent rating. It opens in a new window With over 108 reviews, an average score of 4.6%/5. This is a great sign that most traders have had a positive experience with the company. Only 3% of negative reviews have been left.

These reviews show that traders who used the service were extremely satisfied with their experience, Elizabeth's customer service, and Elizabeth's profit splits. So again, this is something we love to see.

Trustpilot reviewsOpens a new tab over the past few months. Trustpilot has grown tremendously and remains in a very positive light. The firm's funding is a huge hit with traders. It is great to see traders find the firm's quality and value despite a significant increase in reviews (nearly 100 percent more in the past few weeks).

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