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Rules Of Leeloo Challenges

The majority of the community likes it, the rules on Leeloo trading are the most flexible and easier on the market. Actually, there is only one rule, don’t reach your trailing drawdown.

Only one important rule: The trailing Drawdown

This is the only rule that you have to respect during the challenge phase. So let’s explain it:

Let’s say that you did choose “Leeloo Launch” the 50k account size, the trailing drawdown for this account is 2500$, that means that you can’t reach the minimum account balance: 47500$ (50000$ – 2500$ = 47500$). So if your account drops 2500$ down, from 50000$ to 47500$, then you will lose your account.

But let’s say that you did earn 1000$, so your balance now is 51000$, now your trailing drawdown is calculated from that point, 51000$ – 2500$ = 48500$ , so you must not reach the new minimum account balance: 48500$. 

The minimum account balance will never go lower, it keeps rising if you make profits, and stops if you make losses.

2 additional rules:

No additional rules on Leeloo challenge:

As already said, Leeloo is not like other platforms, no need to be uncomfortable with many additional rules that can eliminate your account at any time. Here are the most known set of rules that Leeloo does not impose on traders:

Crypto Futures: (BTC) (ETH) (MBT)

Equity Futures: (ES) (NKD) (NQ) (YM) (EMD) (RTY)

Interest Rate Futures: (GE) (ZT) (ZF) (ZN) (ZB) (ZQ) (UB)

Currency Futures: (6A) (6B) (6C) (6E) (6J) (6S) (6N) (6M) (E7) (J7)

Agricultural Futures: (HE) (LE) (GF) (ZC) (XC) (ZW) (ZS) (ZM) (ZL) (ZO) (ZR)

Energy Futures: (CL) (HO) (QM) (NG) (QG) (RB)

Metal Futures: (GC) (SI) (HG) (PL) (PA) (QI) (QO)

Micro Futures: (MES) (MYM) (MNQ) (M2K) (MBT) (MGC) (M6A) (M6B)(M6E) (MJY) (MCD)

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