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Stock broker trading platforms

There are a variety of different stock trading platforms available for trading stocks online. Some brokers will offer their own in house developed proprietary stock trading platforms whilst others will have licensed platforms such as the popular MetaTrader platform. It is imperative to choose a stock broker that either offers a stock trading platform which you are already familiar with or a platform that has an intuitive user interface so that it is easy to use.

It would also be worth considering if all of the trading instruments that you wish to have in your trading portfolio are offered through the platform. You should make sure that it will be compatible with the devices you wish to use it on. Some online traders will need mobile stock trading platforms for trading on the go. If this is the case, ensure there is a version of the platform that is compatible with your mobile device.

Finally, the best stock brokers will usually provide video and tutorial guides to help new traders learn how to use the trading platforms available to them.

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