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Summary of FTMO Review

FTMO is a great proprietary trading platform for forex traders. The FTMO Challenge rules, as well as the Verification process, are clear and well-documented. The pricing is fair, and traders love the support trading tools.


FTMO is looking for trading talent and offers a fund account to successful forex traders. The payouts range from 80%-90% of the profit generated by the trader.


For traders with low capital who wish to trade large accounts but not risk their capital, the FTMO Challenge can be a great option. It takes talent, skill, and discipline to keep the goals organized. However, it can also be extremely beneficial in success because the FTMO Challenge participation fee is refunded with each profit split. This means that trading success leads to a fund account with zero risk capital.


FTMO's main focus is a forex, with 44 currency pairs available for trading. In addition, FTMO is a unique platform that allows you to trade crypto CFDs such as Bitcoin Dash and Etherum. This makes it a great choice.


Join FTMO now with a free trial. Or, choose your favorite trading challenges.


Future traders will prefer TOPSTE to FTMO since only NGAS, the Dollar Index, Euro Bund, and US 10yr T-Note are available for futures trading with FTMO.


Let's conclude the FTMO review with a look at the pros and cons.



  • You can trade capital of prop firms without risking your savings
  • Divide profit, so traders get between 80%- 90% of profits
  • The fee can be refunded once a trader passes the assessment process and makes money with the fund account.
  • There are many fiat currencies and cryptos that can be traded
  • Transparency in pricing, rules, and account types


  • Stocks and futures trading is not recommended.

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