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Traders4traders review

Traders4Traders Review: Funded Account

Brad Gilbert, the founder of Traders4Traders, has been a professional bank trader for decades and he shares his rich experience with the students.


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Types of Trading Forex Online Courses

Traders4Traders offers two types of forex trading courses.

Forex Trading Course For Beginners

The complete online forex trading course is a comprehensive program with three online forex trading courses. The course includes the educational material, Traders4Traders trading software, $100,000 demo practical assessment account, and an eligibility to $100,000 live trading funded account. The complete online forex trading course is priced at $1,499 for lifetime access.

Advanced forex trading workshop

Traders4Traders also provides a 5-day fast track forex workshop. The program consists of three days of intense in-person training and two days of practical trade executions. Students get access to the educational content, demo account, Traders4Traders trading software, and are eligible to apply for a funded trading account if they pass the practical assessment. The fast track workshop costs $2,999.

After the students receive correct education through the academic programs, they can test their skills on a demo account with trade plans and rules. It prevents them from losing real money and helps them to be eligible for a forex funded account if they clear this practical assessment.

Traders4Traders Demo Account

In addition to the trading courses and a demo account, Traders4Traders comes with The Forex T4TCapital Trading Program. Traders select an account for their trading assessment, pay for it, and comply with the Rules of Engagement to prove their mettle. The selected traders who pass the test and achieve the assigned profit target are given a Forex T4TCapital Trading Account.

Traders4Traders Funded Account Review

The Forex T4TCapital Trading Account gives traders access to initial capital without risking their own money. They get to keep up to 80% of the earned profits while Traders4Traders absorbs all the risks.

Traders4Traders Review

Traders4Traders is a leading online forex trading academy. It provides online forex trading courses and workshops for traders to learn, practice, and trade.

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