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What are the best prop trading firms?

What are prop firms? A trader uses the prop firms capital (money) to trade instead of their own money. The trader and prop firm split the profits. Win/Win agreement.

The list consists of the best trading prop firms for forex, metals, and indices traders. This list filters the prop firms that put the trader at an advantage so only 4 props have made the list.

I put filters on this prop firm list because some prop firms are taking advantage of traders. These filters include: no trading on weekends or news events, small drawdown but high profit targets, monthly payments or school tuition fees, located in a third world country, or prop firms not paying their traders.

Below are 4 prop firms that have made the cut. They have a reputation and track record. Thye have built a team of profitable traders that have received payouts.

All the companies below are worth checking out. They are highly competitive and each one has different advantages so check them all out.

1.) Ultra Capital Fund (

Location: Australia

Overview: This prop firm by far leads the way for the industry as far as adding an advantage for traders by allowing a generous draw down rate and reasonable profit target. They offer the option of trading gold and silver and have a variety of plans.

Evaluation Period: 6 months / Target +6% / Drawdown -8% / Profit Split 50%

Coupon Code: UltraDiscount (receive 5% off)

2.) Fidel Crest (

Location: Cyprus

Overview: This prop firm is a shorter time frame trading style but offers even more generous drawdown levels and easier profit targets. If you mess up on your evaluation they offer a 2nd chance evaluation for free. A mind blowing advantage to this company is allowing you to trade any 1000 + trading instruments.

Evaluation Period: 1 month / Target +5% / Drawdown -10%/ Profit Split 70%

3.) Forex Traders UK (

Location: United Kingdom

Overview: This prop firm falls somewhere in the middle but differs as there are two options; no evaluation period only a live account or evaluation then a live account. They have reasonable drawdown levels and profit targets. They offer all forex major pairs along with gold with a more generous leverage that will allow you to make more trades at once. Once you obtain the first funding level they boost your account by 4x for the next level.

Live Account: 3 months / Target +10% / Drawdown -7% / Profit Split 50%

Coupon Code:  fxtradersukdiscount (receive 5% off)

4.) City Traders Imperium (

Location: United Kingdom

Overview: This prop firm once again adds different variables to the evaluation period that are HIGHLY advantageous to long term trend traders. They allow all the major fx pairs and gold with incredible generous leverage size compared to ANY other prop firm I have seen. This prop firm has the longest track record and most reputable amount of feedback from the group.

Evaluation Period: 1 Year / Target + 7% / Drawdown – 5% / Profit Split 50%


If you choose any of the options above you will be set up with a great prop trading fund. They all have a track record and they all payout. If you have multiple styles of trading then you can join and earn money from all four of them.

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