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What Does Fidelcrest Do?

Fieldcrest requires you to complete a thorough verification process to prove that you can consistently meet monthly profit targets. Fieldcrest offers 13 accounts, each with different risk levels and investment options.

Each -funded account provided leverage trading and access to more than 1000 financial instruments.


MicroFX+ accounts (MicroTrader) are available for small investors. They can be used to test their strategies and risk management skills. For larger investors, there's the ProFX+ program (Pro Trader), which allows you to invest up to $400,000.


Trades can be made with up to seven top brokers. You can also use multiple platforms such as MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, and cTrader 5. You can also change your platforms and brokers at any time during a trading period. This usually lasts for around 30 days.


These steps will help you secure a fund account.

  1. Fieldcrest Trading: Complete the Form
  2. Completion of the Funded Verification
  3. Fieldcrest Trading Challenge
  4. Trade with your professional account

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