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What Happens After You Win The Leeloo Challenge?

1- Be Sure You Have Passed The Test:

You need to verify first that you have successfully passed the test. To do that, you have to check 3 things:

Reach your profit target:

Even if this is unmistakable to check, there are very few cases where traders made mistakes on that. When you check that you reach your goal, don’t do it at NinjaTrader, you have to do it at Rithmic. The data at NinjaTrader can be a little different from the real account. So always do it from Rithmic.

Traded minimum of 10 days:

Make sure to do this on Rithmic too. Open your account at Rithmic, check at least 10 days separately, and that you have at least 1 filled order in every day. 

Stop Trading:

Immediately after confirming that you did reach your profit target, and that you have traded for 10 days, check if you still have any active trade, close all positions that are still open, you certainly don’t want to go back below your profit target.

2-1 Wait For The Emails: (Not Valid For Leeloo Express)

No need to send screenshots anymore like the 2019 and 2020 version of the program, this was very boring. So now, once you reach the target profit, and stop all positions, you don’t need to do anything! The Leeloo team will contact you.

2-2 For Leeloo Express: Send A Ticket

Steps are a little different for the Leeloo Express challenge. After being sure that you did pass the test, you must send a ticket to the support team from your account. This ticket should not be sent on the same day of your last position, you have to wait for the next day to send this ticket.

The ticket is very simple to write, you only need a 6 line letter like this:

  1. “Your Name”
  2. “Your Rithmic User ID” (username, i.e. LL000907)
  3. “Your Rithmic Account Number for the Express”  (i.e. LL000907-006)
  4. “Your Rithmic Account Number that received the rolled profit” (i.e. LL000907-007)
  5. “type: “Today is NOT my 10th day.””
  6. “Type out 10 individual trading days dates.  (i.e. 6/24, 6/27, 6/28, 7/1 etc)  only 10 days needed even if you traded more”

After doing all this, Leeloo will send you the confirmation email of your success, then will set your account and you can start trading.

3- Choose The Performance Account Option That You Want: The Accelerator Or The Investor

For the Performance Account, you have to choose one of the 2 options that Leeloo trading offers for you, the accelerator or the investor, those two options differ in terms of number of contracts traded, max withdrawals and the trailing drawdown.

Very Important note:

If you intend to choose the accelerator option, no matter the size of the account that you choose during the challenge, you will get funded with the 100k $ account. So just choose the cheapest challenge. This is something that Leeloo needs to clarify or to fix. read the description below for more details.

The Accelerator:

The Accelerator option is designed for Traders that want to take all profits after 30 calendar days (not trading days), you can make withdrawals of all your profits if you want, but it is not recommended to do that, let’s understand why.

There are 2 phases on the Accelerator option, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a withdrawal when you want.

Phase 1:

All traders will get a 100000$ performance account, with max loss of 625$, this max loss will never change in this phase, it doesn’t work like the trailing drawdown in the challenge stage. So your minimum balance for this account will be $99,375, if reached, your account will be closed.

Only 2 contracts are allowed in phase 1, or 20 micro-contracts.

When you make 2000$ profits, and your balance is now 102000$, you can contact the support immediately to start phase 2.

Phase 2:

Your balance now is equal or more than 102000$, and then your minimum account balance is moved to 100100$, this minimum balance will never change or move, so if you reach it, your account will be closed.

The good news is that you don’t have a daily or weekly or monthly max loss, you will never be eliminated if you don’t reach your minimum balance 100100$.


You can ask for withdrawals after 30 calendar days, even with Paypal or check or wire transfer. For Paypal, you can withdraw up to 2000$ per month, but there are no limits for checks and wire transfers.


You will start trading with 2 contracts, and when you reach a certain profit, you will be allowed to add more contracts.

Trading overnight: 

It is actually not recommended by Leeloo, but they allow you to trade only 3 mini contracts if you intend to trade overnight, and you can get more depending on your results.

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