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What is Maverick Trading?

Maverick Trading, a proprietary trading firm, has two divisions.

The firm was founded in 1997 and recruits traders. It also teaches traders how to be successful traders. In addition, it offers proprietary trading strategies, software, and rules-based techniques to help traders be consistently profitable.

Prospective traders can also benefit from its proven discipline and risk management strategies, which allow them to succeed right away. In addition, Maverick Trading is a remote trading platform that employs traders from all parts of the globe.

All levels of experience are welcome to use the service. The firm's capital sharing program and its compensation structure allow it to align its interests and traders to create a more pleasant trading experience.

Maverick Trading offers access to professional traders through its funded trader program, risk management oversight, and technology access. In addition, the company offers capital access ranging from $25,000 up to $800,000. This allows you to learn how to trade and even finance yourself.


Maverick Trading offers two main products:

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