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What makes MyForexFunds different from any other Prop Firm?

MyForexFunds is similar to other top-rated prop firmsOpens a new tab FTMO, for instance, is a leading prop firm. The Accelerated account offers instant funding on the same day. Would you please look at my detailed review of trading with FTMO? You'll quickly see that the trading experience, the cost, the profit shares, and even the rules are very similar to this company.

It's not a bad thing to be similar to other top-ranked proprietary funds, especially if your goal is to make a profit trading. For example, let's suppose you trade with FTMO and have $100,000 of funding. The rules of MyForexFunds allow you to set up a trading copy program that opens in a new tab. The $100,000 challenge is now over. Because the rules and conditions are similar, you can double your trading capital quickly and reduce your exposure to one trading firm.

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