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What Types of ProTrader Accounts are Available?

ProTrader is for traders with strong risk management skills and sound trading strategies. Fieldcrest expects you to manage and trade its capital successfully -- up to one million dollars per trader. After completing the challenge, evaluation, and signing up, professional traders are eligible for a sign-up bonus of up to $20,000.


Fieldcrest offers two types of ProTrader accounts.

ProTrader Normal


Normal accounts come with a normal risk and four levels of initial capital.

  1. $75,000 with a EUR349 one time evaluation fee
  2. $150,000 (with a EUR549 Fee)
  3. $250,000 (with an EUR849 Fee)
  4. $500,000 (with a EUR1,499 charge)


This account has a minimum of 10 trading days and a 70% profit share.

It allows traders to access all instruments and has a maximum loss and profit target of 10%.


ProTrader Aggressive


ProTrader's aggressive account includes the $75,000 (EUR549 Fee), $150,000 ($EUR799 Fee) and $250,000 ($EUR1,399 Fee) options. Each option offers an 80% profit share. These packages include a maximum loss target of 20% and a profit target of 20%. You have access to all financial tools on Fidelcrest, just like a normal account.

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