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Who is OneUp Trader best for?

OneUpTrader is a great tool for traders of all levels. Its team offers education, trading resources, and, best of all, capital access.


You can benefit from OneUp's expert training if you are new to trading. There is also zero risk in your account. Trading with OneUp's capital can be extremely profitable, especially when considering the cost of portfolio protection.


The downside is that no information about the people behind the platform is available. The company name is not yet disclosed on their website. OneUp Trader received negative feedback from a reader. The service was not what he wanted.


According to a document on and, there's a dispute between TopstepTraders and Oneup Trader. The legal documents mention Sattam Alsabah, LLC, OneUp Trader, and the company name OneUp Trader. Therefore, it is best to choose between the OneUp Trader trial or Topstep's trial.

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